About Us:

MPCEN – Media Project on Conservation Environment & Nature is an Initiative by “Find Focus Films” to fund & start the Multimedia based projects for Conservation of Nature & Environment. The propose & objective of this initiative is to spread the Awareness Education for Environmental Issues in different parts of the world, in order to bring and start a large scale Environmental action. The project focus on certain geographic locations and the environmental problems and crisis faced in that area. First we establish communication and assess the level of awareness , then we start Multimedia Based Awareness campaigns programs that leads to Environmental Acton in that particular location. we believe that in this present time the role of Multimedia is more crucial than ever before. As said by “Sir David Attenborough” we are already at the tipping point in the course of history and our generation is the last one to act and do something about this present Environmental Crisis.

We are a team of professionals who have worked in the field of Media related to Wildlife and Marine Life Conservation, producing natural history films, Scuba divers, Dive Masters working for Print Environmental Journalism. We decided to join our hands and come forward to make a league of professionals to fight this current Environmental Crisis as our obligation to the Mankind, Nature, Environment & this Planet.