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Project Sun Bear:

“Project SunBear” is a research based project for awareness and conservation of Sun Bears. Sun Bears are the smallest in the Bear family and they don’t Hibernate. Accustomed to the Tropical environment they are fond of the fruits and the products of Restraint. They have a long tongue to eat the termites and other insects.¬† For more details visit our blog Section or our YouTube Channel

We are made an education awareness based film focusing on conservation issues faced by The Sun Bears. The film is officially selected for WCFF (Wildlife Conservation Film Festival – Hollywood California). The findings of the films are based academic research. The research is published and The film will also contest in various others Environmental & Conservation Films Festivals



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We are in the halfway of making our film, we need to do post production, travelling for our survey, showcasing film in various locations. To cover our expenses we need your help. If you care & love for nature Please help us in completing our project. This is one important way you can be part of our campaign. You have already been seeing our updates on our Instagram account. If you haven’t seen it you can proceed here


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