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The Sun Bear Chest Mark

So what is all this fuzz about The Sun Bears Chest mark, Have you seen it closely. The Sun Bears are the smallest in the bear family who live in the rain forests of South East Asia, they are some how different form their cousin brothers across the planet. The ecology of the rain forests have shaped them according to it climate. They don’t hibernate and don’t just rely on game meat. their are found of honey, coconut and others vegetables and fruits. 

It is the horse shoe shape tattoo on their chest which is so unique, it can be light brown, light orange or can be gray. No two bears have the same tattoo and it is different on each bear just like the QR Code. Well  cuteness about Sun Bears add up when there is this Horse Shoe shape chest mark. This is the reason of their recognition we do have Sloth bears from India and other countries but a Sun Bear will stand out from others due to it’s chest mark. Sun bear got their name from this bib-shape white, light brown mark on the chest which also represents the rising sun. 

Sun Bears of Borneo are the well known to the world because of the only Conservation Center for Sun Bear is found in Malaysian part of the Bornean Island. BSBCC is located in Sandakan, Sabah in East Malaysia, which lead to the break through in conservation of the Sun Bears.  

The Sun Bear are still “Vulnerable” in IUCN Red List. in 1996 they were reported Data Deficient till year 2000. Scientist work and carried out their research and in 2008 world had a clear image of their habitat, and conservation area. As we discussed above that in the conservation a big effort is done by Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center. It was their effort to establish a conservation center and save Sun Bears, rehabilitate them and release them back in the wild. So the information about Sun Bear in Sumatran Island of Indonesia and the other countries remains poor and there is a lot needed to be done in those parts of South East Asia. 


Enjoy thee Images of Sun Bears, You can see more image on our Instagram Account [@findfocusfilm] you can also see the video on our Youtube Channel [Findfocusfilm]

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